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Treasures Limited is committed to protecting your personal information in accordance with the New Zealand Privacy Principles (NZPPs) in the Privacy Act 1993 (in New Zealand) and any other applicable privacy or health records laws.

This Privacy Policy describes how Treasures Limited collects, holds, uses, discloses and otherwise manages your personal information. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy please contact Treasures Limited on the contact details below.

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1. What is “Personal Information“
1.1 “Personal information“ is any information or opinion about an identified person or a person who is reasonably identifiable whether true or not and whether recorded in a material form or not.

1.2 This also extends to what is called “Sensitive information“ in Australia is a subset of personal information that is generally afforded a higher level of protection by privacy laws. It includes your health information as well as information about your racial or ethnic origin political opinions membership of political professional or trade associations or trade unions religious beliefs sexual orientation or practices and criminal record. There is no equivalent of this definition in New Zealand legislation although in general Treasures would take a similar approach to information of this type in New Zealand as it would in Australia

2. What personal information do we collect?
2.1 Treasures collects personal information (which may because of the context or nature of the service or product include health or other sensitive information) from its customers, website users, contractors and job applicants and other individuals with whom we may interact. This information may include:

  • your name contact delivery and company details;
  • your credit card banking and other payment details;
  • details of the products or services that you have purchased;
  • responses to or your participation in one of our surveys promotions or competitions;
  • information posted on our websites or provided through the social media platforms we use;
  • records of our communications with you including any complaints requests or queries; and

2.2 We may collect this information when you:
  • visit register on or use one of our websites or social media pages;
  • purchase our products or use our services;
  • submit a form requesting information on Treasures, our brands products or services;
  • enter a competition or participate in a promotion run by or on behalf of Treasures ;
  • complete a survey for Treasures ;
  • submit a job application for a position with Treasures ; and/or
  • contact us by telephone email mail one of our websites or via our social media pages.
2.3 In some circumstances Treasures may also collect personal information about you from third parties if that is appropriate when we purchase mailing lists with your name and contact details from third parties for direct marketing purposes. Treasures will have obtained your consent to collect this information from these third parties and/or these third parties will have obtained your consent to disclose this information to us and where applicable for us to use this information for the purpose of direct marketing to you. We may also collect your personal information from individuals acting on your behalf such as a parent guardian or other family member.

2.4 We may generally only collect your sensitive information such as your health information from you or third parties if we have your consent which may be implied because of the circumstances in which you have chosen to provide this information to us.

2.5 Where practical and lawful you can interact with Treasures anonymously or using a pseudonym. However in many instances we need to identify you in our interaction with you for example to enable us to provide you with products or services respond to your enquiries or complaints. If you do not provide us with all of the personal information we request we may not be able to do these things.

3. Information collected via our web-based platforms

3.1 Treasures may collect personal information about you including health information either from you personally or from your health care provider when you use one of our web platforms. We will only use that health information to provide you and/or your health care provider with the relevant service. We will not use your health information for any marketing related purposes.

4. Information collected via our websites

4.1 Treasures operates the following websites to which this policy applies:

  • /
4.2 Treasures will not collect any personal information about users of our websites except when they knowingly provide it or as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy. For example Treasures will collect personal information from users of its websites when they register to receive email updates from Treasures or post information to one of our websites.

Click stream data

4.3 When you visit and browse one of our websites, Treasures’s website host will collect personal information for statistical reporting and maintenance purposes. This information may include: the number of users visiting this website and the number of pages viewed; the date, time and duration of a visit; and/or the path taken through this website. Treasures will not take any active steps to use this information to identify you.

Treasures ’s website host uses this information to administer and improve the performance of our websites

IP addresses

4.4 To be able to administer our websites in an efficient and secure manner we collect and store IP addresses for a limited period of time. The IP address is a unique number which makes it possible to identify a visitor‘s connection to the internet and it is automatically reported by your web browser each time you view a website.


4.5 Cookies are small text files that are transferred to and stored on a user‘s computer by a website for the purpose of storing information about a user‘s identity browser type or website visiting and usage patterns to improve functionality. If you access one of our websites a cookie is downloaded onto your computer when you first log onto the website. You can accept or reject cookies by changing the relevant settings in your browser. However if you decline cookies you may be unable to access certain parts or features of our websites.

Web beacons

4.6 Web beacons are images that originate from a third party site to track visitor activities. Treasures currently use web beacons to track the visiting patterns of individuals accessing our websites.

5. Our social media pages: platform providers

Treasures uses a number of social media platforms to interact with our customers including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Pinterest. When you visit one of our social media pages the platform providers may also collect your personal information. Treasures does not have any control over these platform providers. How they collect and handle your personal information will be governed by their own terms and conditions including their privacy policies. Please refer to their websites for more information.

6. What Treasures uses and discloses your personal information for

6.1 Treasures uses and discloses the information it collects about you generally for the following purposes:

  • to provide you with information products or services you have requested;
  • to personalise customise and improve your experience with our applications and websites;
  • to help Treasures research the needs of its users and customers in order to improve and market its products services and make offers according to their needs and interests;
  • to process your job application;
  • to communicate with you by various means;
  • to comply with our legal obligations; and
  • for any other purposes related to the above purposes which you would reasonably expect which we inform you of when we collect your personal information or which we otherwise obtain your consent for.

7. Who we disclose your personal information to

7.1 Treasures may disclose the information about users of our websites to our related companies (including related companies located overseas) to third parties that provide us with services fulfilmenthouses and distributors and other third parties such as your employment referees.

7.2 Treasures may also disclose your personal information to our website host or software application provider in certain limited circumstances for example when an application or website experiences a technical problem or to ensure that they operate in an effective and secure manner.

7.3 Treasures may disclose your personal information outside of Australia and New Zealand for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. In particular Treasures may disclose your personal information to our related companies and third party service providers who are located overseas.

8. Direct marketing and opting out

Treasures may use and disclose your personal information to tell you via various means (eg email telephone mail) about Treasures or about its services and products. If you do not wish to receive direct marketing communications from us (or sent to you on our behalf) by a particular method or at all you can contact us on the details at the top of this policy at any stage and we will remove your name from our marketing lists as soon as it is practicable for us to do so.

9. Storage and security of personal information held by Treasures

9.1 Treasures takes reasonable steps to keep your personal information secure and to protect it from unauthorised access, modification and disclosure and from misuse interference and loss. Any personal information that is collected through one of our websites is protected by safeguards including SSL encryption, firewalls, intrusion prevention and intrusion detection systems.

9.2 Personal information that is held by Treasures in hard copy is stored securely and is only disclosed or used for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

9.3 When we decide that we have no further need or legal obligation to keep your personal information we will take reasonable steps to either destroy the information or to ensure it is de-identified.

10. Accessing your personal information held by Treasures

10.1 You are entitled to access personal information that Treasures holds about you by contacting us on the details at the top of this policy. If you request access to your personal information we will need to verify your identity and will then grant your request within a reasonable period except in certain circumstances provided for in the APPs and NZPPs such as where providing you with access would unreasonably impact upon the privacy of others (or would involve the unwarranted disclosure of another individual’s affairs). If Treasures refuses your access request we will give you written notice of our decision including our reasons and how to complain if you are not satisfied with our decision.

10.2 We may need to charge you for our reasonable costs of providing access.

11. Quality and correction of your personal information

11.1 ATreasures takes reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information it collects about you is accurate up-to-date and complete and also when using and disclosing it that it is relevant for the purposes for which it has been collected. If we are satisfied that any of the information should be corrected having regard to the purposes for which it is being held Treasures will also take reasonable steps to correct the information.

11.2 If you believe that the personal information which Treasures holds about you is inaccurate incomplete out-of-date irrelevant or misleading please let us know by contacting us on the details at the top of this policy or where applicable by changing that information via our websites through any logins you have. Treasures welcomes your assistance to keep our records up-to-date so please let us know if your details change.

11.3 If we do not agree that your information needs correcting in response to your correction request we will give you written notice of our decision and reasons and tell you how to complain if you are not satisfied with our decision. In this type of situation you can also ask us to associate a statement with the personal information which explains that you believe it is incorrect.

11.4 You will not be charged for making a correction request or requesting us to associate a statement with your information.

12. Privacy questions, problems or complaints

12.1 If you believe that your privacy has not been respected or that Treasures has handled your personal information in any way that is inconsistent with this Privacy Policy or the APPs or NZPPs please contact us or put any complaint in writing and send it to our Privacy Officer using the details at the top of this policy.

12.2 We will investigate and respond to your complaint within a reasonable period and generally within 30 days. We may need to request more information from you and we may propose a resolution to your complaint.

12.3 If you are not satisfied that Treasures has resolved your complaint in Australia you can contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) or in New Zealand you can contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC). To raise a query concerning your privacy rights or to lodge a complaint with either the OAIC or OPC about how we have handled your personal information contact:

  • OPC on 0800 803 909 or go to
12.4 The OAIC and OPC have the power to investigate your complaint and also to take certain other actions.

Approved by: Treasures Managing Director

Date: 20 August 2020

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Treasures may from time to time review and update this Privacy Policy to take account of for example new laws and technology and our changing practices. All personal information collected and held by Treasures will be subject to its most recent policy posted on its websites.